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CRM, All-in-One Marketing Platform with Productivity/Collaboration and Communication Tools
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    • 500 subscribers & 1 user per license.
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      All the functionality of Pro ! ! !
      Low investment to start building.
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      Advanced funnel workflow and tracking.
      Activity based funnel advancement.
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Included With Every Plan
  • WYSIWYG FIRE Web Editor - samples to get started, reusable - clone emails, pages, blocks and forms , feature rich and easy to use - drag and drop components and keep your branding consistent
  • Campaigns and Campaign Groups (reported on together) - Simple DRIP, fixed duration and ongoing, automated and manual steps as needed (manual for 'Book Trade show'), steps can be based on prior steps (branch/merge), clone campaigns, track costs, A/B testing . . . Email, social media ads/posts, tracked links from any site, collection forms, landing pages
  • Funnels - Easy to create and use in all your campaigns, clone to speed campaign development while creating very specific funnels for each situation (customers, vendors, partners etc), include all step types in any funnel
  • CRM - works with Campaigns and all platform modules - know who did what when and lead attribution, configurable lead score and segmentation
  • Video Conference Meetings - no download needed, presentations, draw on screen, screen share, chatting, integrated to CRM (tracks stats - who, what when), up to 20 guests
  • Task Management - manage your team, your time, track time, monitor tasks, auto created by contact activity (follow up email, call, meeting etc etc)
  • Team Collaboration - combination of comments, monitoring and tasks for all modules notifies you of important changes, built in video conferencing platform
  • Use your email account from FBP to send emails to contacts, Insert Links to files (documents) in email and have them tracked to the contact (sent and downloaded)
  • Document (file) Delivery - email/forms deliver requested information automatically, collect contact info and track downloads from forms and emails
  • Calendar - view and create tasks and meetings, see your tasks, or others tasks and quickly determine when tasks are past due
  • Dashboard - Configurable cards on unlimited views, to bring all the info together to give you insight (contacts as they relate to meetings, tasks, campaigns, steps etc)
  • Group video conference meetings, email and video on demand and built in help system provide multiple levels of support options - you will get the help you need
  • Platform built from ground up with ease of usability in mind - all modules 'work the same', learn one, learn them all - Unique usability to FBP
  • Affiliate referral bonus - like the product? tell others and earn recurring income as long as you and they are a customer
  • Use code " FREE30 " at checkout for a free 30 day trial (one time use only)